Upto now all the dogs are together ( with exception of the bitches in season ) we have had no problems with that. Until a short while ago , we also had 2 french bulldogs here ago. ( a bitch and a dog ) As a group the dogs lived and played together till 6 months ago. There were 4 adult dogs, 3 adult bitches and 6 puppies who were 6 weeks old and 8 weeks old.
The 8 week old REMUS had just arrived and the whole group got on very well together.
I have to say that it is very unusual for so many dogs to get on with eachother, wich ever breed you have. We are just very fortunate, that none of our dogs have aggressive behaviour.

Two of the adult dogs have been placed in a new home now. Because one of them is sterile and the orher no showdog they had to stay home with the dogsitter every time we went away . Because accidents happen ( i.e. with bitches in season ) when you don't look and we as breeders are responsible for the well being of our dogs , we couln't expect the dogsitter to take that responsibility. The two dogs love their new home and visit eachother on a regular bases.