After all these positive pages, there are some negative and very important business to attend to. In every breed you will have some illness or disabilities, as is true for the mini.

At this moment the eye disease PLL ( Primary Lens Luxation ) is high on the list. This disease is hereditary and unfortunately can not ( yet ) be detected early.

If you come across a sufferer of PLL and look at their family history, you can more or less see a red line going through the family with PLL. Sometimes it doesn't affect any dog in a litter, but we know of cases where a whole litter was affected and after 3 to 4 years there was not one dog left of that litter.

We do see heart defects and kidney defects and sometimes we hear of a dog that has a behaviour problem called ""tailchasing"". This is the urge for a dog to chase their tail and sometimes even bite them off. We should control this behaviour right away and the same for any aggressive behaviour. Any dog with a history of the above mentioned diseases or problems, will not be mated with one of our dogs . Because of all the problems with these diseases, we have become very selective.

Any bitch that would like the service of one of our dogs have to have test for the following:

1: Hearttest Spec. Vetenary Radiology Drs. M.L.Schmidt Pr. Bernhardlaan 2 6866 BX Heelsum Holland
3. Kidney Urine UPC , Bloodtest and echo.
4. EYES PLL according to the guidelines of the Hirschfeld society.

We limit our dogs to 5 matings per year and we would like to meet every bitch beforehand, either at a show or at our kennel.



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